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Mobile Phone Photography: making a huge stride in the world of imagery

Today's smart camera phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. They are the most useful tools that not only allow our friends and family to stay in touch with one another but also help in grabbing life as it happens because we always have our cell phones with us and are able to capture the momentous moments of our lives round the clock.

Right from awesomely candid photographs to strategic ad campaigns and everywhere in between, mobile phone photography has advanced rapidly in the past one decade and has become a universally true fact in the entire world of photography.

At the end of the workshop, certificates and chocolates to all participants were also distributed. On this occasion, Col. Jita Ram, Chairman, Nai Disha Free Education Society, Mrs. Promila, Principal and Ms. Megha Mishra from the Resource Team of Smile Foundation were also present at the venue.

More than 90% of the photographs shared and posted in the personal imaging exchange activities in the cyber space, are taken from mobile phones. Millions of people around the globe have taken up photography as a hobby making a smart use of their technically-advanced mobile phones. A mobile phone always remains with an individual that helps take candid photographs like no other, and on the cost front, it's really very low.



The ability to show your images to the world on platforms such as Instagram has made mobile photography an incredibly vibrant genre. At the last count, Instagram, the largest dedicated platform for mobile photography, had 100 million users worldwide and hosted 4 billion photos. Facebook hosts far more photos (around 140bn) and most of them are taken through mobile phone cameras.

Needless to say that photography through smart camera phones has now come into mainstream practices and one can't stay untouched by it. It has, on the one hand, provoked the passion of photography among those who were indifferent towards this art just because of their incapability to afford the costly cameras, and boosted up enthusiasm of those who were already fascinated and enchanted by the charm of this purest form of art.

What one needs a little bit of basic knowledge to enhance the quality of their pictures, for which Indian Institute of Photography Noida is all set to equip photography lovers with all the essential mantras required to capture awesome pictures through their smart camera phones.