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Capture the quirks in the city!

Every city is known for its own whims, quirks and individualities. One can treasure it forever through Photography. Netting the day to day action and other various unpredictable motions of a city is a unique concept in itself. Along with creativity, it demands a lot of movement, exploration and research. Before you hit your shutter button, you should take a walk around the acquainted parts of your city. Your city is a beautiful place where you can explore new things every time. Here is how you can capture your city beautifully through your lens.

Capture the quirks in the city!

Embrace the madness & silliness:
Unless you actually explore your city, you won’t be able to do complete justice to your photographs. So, open your heart to the boisterous yet happy crowds, the traditions, the colours, the noise and also to the hushed moments of the city.

Dedicate time:
If there is a spot that you find interesting and captivating, halt for a while and anticipate the moment. Everything set in the frame can work well, but you should also consider that even a single element can make all the difference. So it is important to dedicate your time when you face such situations because you never know what a single element or a moment can do to your frame!

Keep Yourself Updated:
Your city is always going to be bustling with various activities. Its never static! There is always something that’s going on and on in your city, be it a political rally or a festival or an event. So daily check your newspaper or surf the internet to find out event listings & then accordingly plan your day for photography.

Walk and explore:
On a holiday get onto a bus, buy a ticket to a random place. Visit the remotest areas, the abandoned buildings or even the most iconic landmarks of your city.

Engage in a conversation with local people to get the best, albeit relatively unknown, spot to shoot around the city to get the best perspectives.

Shoot the silence:
Your city is very dramatic! But sometimes it becomes important to capture the stillness and the calmness of the city. Pay homage to the hushed moments and in return those moments would give you the best outputs. Capture the different shades of the city because not everyone will be able to see your city the way you do.