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1 Month Online Beginners Photography Course

No matter what level photographer you want to become, you need to master the basics. The IIP online photography course has been designed to familiarize you in-depth with the basics of photography and digital camera operations. The course is recommended for everyone and specially those who wish to take great photos and embark on a creative journey, including hobbyists and amateurs.

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  • ⦁   Basics of Photography
  • ⦁   How to use Camera
  • ⦁   How to visualize a picture
  • ⦁   Introduction to lighting
  • ⦁   Practical Assignments

Course Advantage :

  • ⦁   Convenience and comfortable learning from home
  • ⦁   Friendly personal tutors and one to one interaction
  • ⦁   Structured learning system with modules containing specific number of lessons
  • ⦁   24x7 availability of online course
  • ⦁   Step by step professional guidance
  • ⦁   Evaluation based progress
  • ⦁   Rapid learning method comprising of photo lesson study, practice and quiz
  • ⦁   Lifelong mentors to offers tips and suggestions
  • ⦁   Downloadable course content
  • ⦁   IIP Certificate on Course Completion

Even after completion of the course, IIP has a lot more to offer you :

  • ⦁   Stay in touch with other fellow IIPians and Mentors.
  • ⦁   Take advantage of IIP's 'Earn while You Learn Programme'.
  • ⦁   Share your photographs and exchange your views on photography.
  • ⦁   Expertise to handle your DSLR like a pro
  • ⦁   More professional approach to photography
  • ⦁   Detailed understanding of important topics related to photography
  • ⦁   Earn while you Learn Program
  • ⦁   Professional judgment in spotting or taking photos
  • ⦁   A lifelong mentor to guide you
  • ⦁   Greater confidence and skills in taking better photographs
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No matter which part of the world you belong to, with IIP online courses, you can learn photography from anywhere, anytime.
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