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Best Smartphone for photography

When you are choosing your smart phone for taking pictures, you should always remember that the phone must cover the photography basics. Photography basics include the pixel, optical zoom etc. There are several companies that are designing phones to satisfy the needs of photography lovers. These phones can provide good photography lessons for beginners. Smartphone companies are consulting school of photography to make their phone better. Here we will discuss how you can choose the best Smartphone among the better.

Apple iphone 6 and 6 plus are giving a bigger view. The customers are getting the expected good resolution. For beginners it is a good choice because of the longevity of the apple phones. It has 8 mega pixel rear camera and the iphone 6 plus model is giving optical image stabilization to make the picture look good. Taking plenty of pictures means phone must have large storage capacity. Apple iphone comes with 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB model.

Smartphone for photography

But if you are comparing it with Samsung galaxy S5 then apple iphone lags behind. The S5 has 16 mega pixels with censor that gives a lead to S5. The front camera in Galaxy S5 is of 2MP that again beats the Apple (1.2 MP). But apple iphone 6plus saves the day with an optical image stabilizer and aperture of f/2.2. Both Galaxy S5 and Apple iphone 6plus cost almost same (around 200$). There are other phones in the market that offers more option like Sony, Htc. These brands are also offering phones with good camera qualities.

The Sony Xperia Z3 offers camera of 20.7 Mp that also captures video in high definition. Though the pixel not only defines a camera but we must say that a camera with such high pixel will must offer good picture. Nokia lumia icon also delivers a good camera performance in the Smartphone category. With 20MP, and 1.2 secondary camera and HD recording it is providing good camera experience. Anyone can compare them online but right knowledge is required to use them because at a specific price range most all the companies are providing almost same features.

Smartphone are basically good for capturing sudden moments and on-spot composition. The camera quality in Smartphone is getting more and more importance day and day. It is because phones are easier to carry then the cameras. There are several moments in our daily life. Smartphone gives us the chance to capture those moments quickly and rapidly. This requires good knowledge of the settings of the cameras and their use. There are several options and settings available in Smartphone; if a user can set them carefully then pictures will come good. There are several incidents when we try to capture a great moment but the pictures became dark, blur. Proper knowledge of Smartphone camera can save us. Many institutes are offering course on handling Smartphone camera. It is fact that a good phone camera is not enough to take good pictures, it requires proper knowledge.