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Best Camera for Beginners

Beginners’ basic need in any field is that they must have the right equipment to start with. In photography, camera is the main gear. It is very important to select the right camera to start photography. When a beginner is just starting photography lessons, he/she must have a camera that is easy to understand. Here are some cameras that are promising easy ways of handling for the beginners.

Canon Eos 100/D Canon EOS rebel SL1

This is a very handy and easy accessible camera for the beginners. If you are upgrading yourself from a Smartphone then you will find it handy. It was announced as the world’s smallest SLR camera when it was first introduced. There is “Canon creative auto mode” that will help the beginners to take good pictures without altering the camera attributes. The touch skin control pad is also very helpful to handle.

Nikon D3300

This is another great option for beginners. The guide mode will help the new photographers to understand the settings. This knowledge will help them to take picture under various circumstances. It has a very simple controlling system that allows the user to select the settings easily. It provides three easy options via three circles which indicate shutter speed, sensitivity and aperture. These features help to control the exposure easily.

Canon EOS 700d/ EOS rebel T5i

This camera helps a beginner to take beautiful pictures from various angles. It gives pixel detection for various phases and helps to understand the composition of picture in live mode. It produces images with quality detail and controls the color to give you the right view. It also controls the exposure and gives the wanted meaning to the picture.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1

This is a small camera with many features that includes interchangeable lens. It comes with features like Wi-Fi. One million point touch screen, with a 3 inch display will give you ease in control. Quality censors will help you to focus on the right point to take the best picture. It comes with easy scrolling system to adjust the exposure. It also gives an image quality that stands at par with many high range cameras.

Sony Alpha SLT-A65

Sony is giving promising excellent shutter speed that will enable the beginners to capture almost 10 frames per second. The high resolution will also give you great picture quality. The 24.3 MP lens and great resolution will promise good picture clarity and freshness without much hard work. 3 inch LCD display will provide a good view to understand the composition. 15 autofocus points will also translate into easy photography tips for beginners to shoot the right frame.

Although we have discussed five different cameras, it must be said that to utilize the camera, one must have proper photography lessons. The question is how to learn photography! This requires right and systematic guidance. If proper lessons are taken a beginner is sure to exercise the features of the camera at its highest.