Company Overview

Indian Institute of Photography
Encouraging a Love for Photography

If a picture is defined as a culmination of a chain of events, photography is an incredible journey where ordinary scenes are made extraordinary and moments that would otherwise be lost, captured forever. Photographers are simply normal people for whom the subject of photography is not a vocation but a way of life. Each photographer has the responsibility to chronicle the age he or she lives in – leaving behind tangible proof that they were witness to something extraordinary and had the skills to forever immortalize the vision.

Where as in yesterday's world, photographers were encumbered with unreliable equipment and a trial and error learning system, modern day photographers have the best of both technology and wisdom. The invention of the digital camera and the establishment of photography institutes across the world has empowered photography like never before and given photographers a powerful vision to capture awe inspiring imagery.

Founded to encourage photography, IIP is one of India's most dedicated professional institutes focused on providing both seasoned and aspiring photographers with a range in meticulously designed courses addressing every level of proficiency.

The institute has been engaged in extensive research and development of content for over 10 years, and has accumulated a wide knowledge base and an impressive portfolio in context to India. Keenly aware of the needs of today's aspiring photographers, IIP has not only introduced weekend courses to help countless pursue their passion at their own leisure but also pioneered online photography courses to mentor a wide segment of students from not only India but also Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Helping many discover their potential. Furthermore the institution has also introduced a unique teaching system combining motivated self learning techniques with professional guidance and lifelong mentors to familiarize aspirants in-depth with the world of photography.

With the firm belief there is a photographer in each and everyone, IIP endeavors to instill in both professionals and aspirants a love for photography and provide a platform on which they can hone and sharpen their skills.

You are welcome to come join us in our journey to embrace photography as a lifelong passion.