IIP Photography School

Professional Photography Course

Turn a hobby into a passion. And passion into a profession.

Photography is an art, a way of life. Each photographer chronicles through his camera the age he lives in. With each click, a photographer provides tangible proof that he was there, that he witnessed something extraordinary, and that he had the skills and the means to forever immortalise what he saw.

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Digital Photography Course

With Photography being the first of the major arts to embrace the advent of technology, the creative expression of the art form has been turned upon its head. Film rolls have made way for micro SD cards, and photography in its entirety has gone digital. This has resulted in a greater scope for post shoot processing, and photographers today have on their hands a plethora of tools they can employ to give the desired finish to a shot.

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Photoshop Course for Photographers

For any aspiring photographer, the need to learn post production edit and Photoshop skills has assumed a place only second to his skills with the camera. At the Indian Institute of Photography.com, we teach you how to best employ Photoshop to polish your pictures to achieve that final finished product. We at IIP understand that Photoshop is much more than just smoothing ..

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