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Creating a Landmark in Photography Education! Brand: @pocketfulofcherrie Product line: Luxury women wear Purpose: Magazine advertising Strategy: Pocket introduction in women wear Research: Historical importance and research on pockets Mentors: @rajeshgoyal.iip @shaileshgoyal2004 @deeplenshavelock @aasif_khan_director Vinati Sehgal Brand representatives : Bhavya and Priya We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between @pocketfulofcherrie and the Indian Institute of Photography (IIP) for the attached campaign. This partnership is the first of its kind in India, seamlessly blending the philosophy, strategy, and mission of a leading fashion brand with the educational excellence of a premier photography institute. Through this unique alliance, IIP has not only showcased its prowess in photography but has also imparted valuable insights into advertising and brand behavior, adhering closely to @pocketfulofcherrie’s distinct identity and guidelines. We are particularly proud of Anindith Gowda, an MFA student from Karnataka, who brilliantly captured the essence of this collaboration. Anindith conducted in-depth research and developed a comprehensive campaign that was presented to peers, faculty, and mentors, demonstrating the wow factor of this creative synergy. #advertising #fashion #photography #collaboration #fashionbrand #creativeeducation #pocketfulofcherrie #IIPAcademy #IndianInstituteofPhotography
Creating history in photography education in India, the fashion brand @pocketfulofcherrie has collaborated with the Indian Institute of Photography (IIP) to integrate their brand’s philosophy, strategy, and mission. This collaboration marks the first time in India that a fashion brand and a photography institute have joined forces in this way. The IIP didn’t just bring its photography excellence to the table; it also provided advertising expertise, insights into brand behavior, and adherence to brand guidelines. One of IIP’s MFA students, Anindith Gowda hails from Karnataka, understood the brief from PoC, conducted thorough research, and developed a comprehensive campaign that was presented to fellow IIP students, faculty, and mentors. Imagine the wow factor created by this collaboration! #advertising #advertisingagency #campaign #fashionblogger #fashionstyle #fashiondesigner #fashiongram #pocketfullofcherrie #iipacademy #indianinstituteofphotography