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WHO’s MAKING WHOM? THE MAKING OF NARSIMH AVATAR idol, the third avatar of Lord Vishnu in Sanatan Dharm that’s major in India - An Image from the documentary project that was done by a student of masters named SHIVA KUMAR from Kerala. For more photographs and the stories please login at our website i.e. #idols #documentaryphotography #documentales #project #murtikar #idols #workshop #majorproject #indianinstituteofphotography #iip #iipacademy #theworldisyours #incredibleindia #g20india #g20
"Jogan" by Dev Batra - A satire Females in India are regarded as DEVI (Goddess), Hindu believers decorate their temples and homes with Idols and paintings of their divine gods and goddesses. Once these paintings and idols get old, many a times worshippers leave them near trees. IIPian Dev Batra conceptualises and creates a campaign on abandoned pictures by adding a Jogan (A deep worshipper woman) looking like a Devi gazing at the society through the lens. A big satire. #Storyteller #satire #jogan #hinduism #society #women #goddess #devi #abandon #conceptualphotography #staging #conceptart #visualart #photography #divinity #iipians #iip #thephotographyinstitute #iipacademy #indianinstituteofphotography
LADAKH FESTIVAL - Showcase of Indian Culture & Performing Arts - Regional dance, folk singing, traditional music, colorful traditional Ladakhi dresses are the few phenomenal scenes of Ladakh Festival. The Festival which is organized by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism providing a platform for many performing arts to showcase various aspects of Indian tradition and culture. The Ladakh festival is celebrated in winter season to create a vibrant atmosphere to lazy winters of Ladakh in the month of September. Artists from all over India participate in this colorful and vivacious fest sprinkling the glitter of folk dances, music, theatre, sport competition followed by the carnival parade depicting the rich culture of Ladakh. Around one to two weeks of celebration is enjoyed in different villages of the state which includes masked dance, archery, polo, musical concerts and all. Ladakh festival includes the dance dramas ‘Chhams’ performed by Lamas wearing vibrant clothes and formidable masks, considering the ritual to offer to the holy deities of the monasteries. Handicraft items from across the state are appreciated by tourists and participants. Ladakh festival is basically a sports and cultural party starts with dances on the conventional music and end up with the parade fulfilling the motto which is to promote the regional arts and culture of Ladakh. Women of this particular region participate in this festival attracting the visitor’s mind walking in a line to give a complete carnival feel. The golden mountains with sun rays and chilly wind of winters are magnified with the Ladakh festival and making this a perfect location for the tourists in this season. The festival also provides an opportunity to see all the murals, images and idols to the visitors which are hidden behind veils in normal season. Ladakh festival are to bright up the dull winters with its vibrant celebration showcasing Indian rich culture and beauty. IIP brings you some unparalleled celebration of India under its series of documenting Indian heritage and culture. #Laddakh_festival #indian_heritage_and_culture #carnival #performing_arts