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Creating a Landmark in Photography Education! Brand: @pocketfulofcherrie Product line: Luxury women wear Purpose: Magazine advertising Strategy: Pocket introduction in women wear Research: Historical importance and research on pockets Mentors: @rajeshgoyal.iip @shaileshgoyal2004 @deeplenshavelock @aasif_khan_director Vinati Sehgal Brand representatives : Bhavya and Priya We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between @pocketfulofcherrie and the Indian Institute of Photography (IIP) for the attached campaign. This partnership is the first of its kind in India, seamlessly blending the philosophy, strategy, and mission of a leading fashion brand with the educational excellence of a premier photography institute. Through this unique alliance, IIP has not only showcased its prowess in photography but has also imparted valuable insights into advertising and brand behavior, adhering closely to @pocketfulofcherrie’s distinct identity and guidelines. We are particularly proud of Anindith Gowda, an MFA student from Karnataka, who brilliantly captured the essence of this collaboration. Anindith conducted in-depth research and developed a comprehensive campaign that was presented to peers, faculty, and mentors, demonstrating the wow factor of this creative synergy. #advertising #fashion #photography #collaboration #fashionbrand #creativeeducation #pocketfulofcherrie #IIPAcademy #IndianInstituteofPhotography