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Body painting is a form of art that has been inculcated right from the ancient prehistoric times when human race was born, to the modern times where artists have been using human body as an innovative canvas that can showcase human beauty like never before. Various ancient and modern tribes from Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia show clear evidences and records regarding body painting heritage. According to many historians, body painting was the important part of the daily and spiritual lives, often showcasing their inner qualities, wishes for future, images of gods, and many natural or war themes. The first ever modern appearance of the full body paint emerged in 1933 when famous cosmetic inventor Max Factor Sr. caused quite a sensation with his exhibition with models. Today, it is an excellent tool for gaining public attention and can also be found as very famous tool in sport gatherings. This pictorial description of an exquisite example of body painting art has been shot by IIP is Mentor Jamari Lior who has accomplished in bringing out all the colourful and aesthetic aspects of body painting to its fullest. #iip #photography #bodypainting #art #colour #expression #aesthetics #mentorphotography #mentorsatiip #learningatiip #lifeatiip #theworldisyours #artwork #bodypaint #conceptart #conceptualart #thephotographyinstitute #indianinstituteofphotography #artoftheday