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  • IIP is not affiliated to any university. It offers Certificate Courses, which in no way should be seen as diplomas or degrees.
  • IIP Courses are an online theory module meant for aspiring photographers to have a sound knowledge of the basic theory of photography. Indian Institute of (IIP) will only be responsible towards practical assignments that a student submits, in the scope of acquiring critiques from professional photographers.
  • IIP faculty is a network of Indian and International photographers who will act strictly in the role of a mentor, viz clarification of doubts, photography related tips and advice etc subject to their convenience.
  • Earn While You Learn, workshops, expeditions and Internships are all add-ons to the course and not a part of the basic course. IIP will strive to provide them as frequently as possible, to the advantage of the students. This should not, however, be seen as integral parts of the course.
  • The laws in effect in State of Delhi shall govern this Agreement and any dispute or claim based on the Content of the Site. You agree that you shall only bring any action or proceeding related to this Agreement in the courts of the State of Delhi.
  • Incase of any dispute both the parties shall go to a mutually agreed arbitrator in order to resolve the issue.
  • Disclaimer: The certificate awarded to the student will be issued by Indian Institute of only, Indian Institute of is not affiliated to any University or college, and is not affiliated to Government of India or any State Government of India of republic of India. Incase of any disputes will have Jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.

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